Armboth Fell - Route One


Start - Armboth NY 305 171 Distance - 1.25 miles Ascent - 960 feet Time - 1 hour



A short distance from the Armboth car park, just before the road bridge over Fisher Gill, a gate gives access to a rough and overgrown forest track
After fording Fisher Gill the track improves as it climbs parallel with the gill
On the left, almost hidden in the trees, is the old Armboth Hall summerhouse
This is the only remaining structure of the hall which was demolished in the 1880's when the level of the lake was raised to create the reservoir
The dense forest now covers the knoll on which the summerhouse stands.  It must have had a wonderful view over the valley.  Nowadays it is restricted to a glimpse of Raven Crag through a gap in the trees
Continuing on the track begins to climb more steeply alongside a younger plantation which affords more open views
White Side and Browncove Crags on Helvellyn
The Helvellyn Dodds above Thirlmere
The track ends at a ladder stile which gives access to an unplanted strip of land beyond it
A path continues on beside a wall and fence to reach the open fellside at the top of the plantation
Looking back to Blencathra
Leaving the trees behind the view opens out to High Seat on the crest of the main ridge
Looking back down the path adjacent to the wall
To the left a gate in the wire fence gives access to the top of Fisher Crag
Looking to the summit ridge of Armboth Fell from the gate
The summit cairn on Fisher Crag
High Seat from the summit of Fisher Crag
The view from Fisher Crag rivals that of Raven Crag seen here on the left
Looking over Thirlmere to Clough Head, Great Dodd and Watson's Dodd
Browncove Crags, Nethermost Pike, and Dollywaggon Pike
Sunlight highlights Bell Crags below Ullscarf on the horizon
Armboth Fell from Fisher Crag.  An extensive area of boggy ground deters a direct approach from here.  It is best to avoid it by ascending the heather and rock strewn ridge on the right (beyond the tall tree)
The heather ridge affords a reasonably dry approach to the summit although there is little evidence of any regular path
The objective is to reach the low point on the horizon, the actual summit lies a little way beyond it and out of sight
Looking back to the top of Fisher Crag
Passing the large area of boggy ground to the left
A succession of heather and rock knolls makes this a pleasant and easy climb to the summit
Dark clouds gather to the south east above Dollywaggon Pike
All clear to the north though with Blencathra bathed in sunshine
Approaching the summit of Armboth Fell
A rocky outcrop adorned with a tiny cairn is now generally accepted as the true summit of the fell.  AW indicated a heather spur lying to the south west as being the summit but it is obviously lower and has been confirmed as such on later maps
Great Gable and Pillar from the summit of Armboth Fell
High Seat
Blencathra beyond Raven Crag with Clough Head on the right
Great Dodd, Watson's Dodd and Stybarrow Dodd
Helvellyn, Nethermost Pike, and Dollywaggon Pike
Seat Sandal, Heron Pike and Steel Fell
Ullscarf.  The heather spur which AW indicated as the summit of Armboth Fell can be seen in the right middle foreground
Wainwright's summit
The true summit of Armboth Fell from Wainwright's summit


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