Arnison Crag - Route One

Start - Patterdale NY 395 159 Distance - 1 mile Ascent - 880 feet Time - 50 minutes



Early morning in Patterdale village
The lane that runs between the White Lion Inn car park and a row of cottages is the start of the walk
The lane leads on to Mill Moss.  In AW's day this was a refuse tip but it has long been reclaimed, planted with birch trees, and is now quite attractive. Arnison Crag forms the backdrop above the trees
A gate in the fence around Mill Moss gives access to the fellside and a track that skirts the northern slopes of Arnison Crag
It is possible, when the bracken is low, to make a direct ascent from the gate to the summit ridge, but in summer the best option is to stay on the track as it contours around the foot of the ridge
The track is mainly used by walkers heading for the Grisedale valley from the southern end of the village
A glimpse of Ullswater from the track
The track is followed only as far as the the wall enclosing Glemara Park
The ascent of the north ridge begins alongside the park wall heading up towards Oxford Crag
Ullswater from the lower slopes
Looking over the wall to Sheffield Pike across the wooded slopes of Keldas
Ullswater from the base of Oxford Crag
The way ahead from the top of Oxford Crag which is easily climbed from the back and is an excellent viewpoint
Striding Edge across Thornhow End from Oxford Crag
Ullswater from Oxford Crag
Sheffield Pike over Keldas from Oxford Crag
Resuming the climb on the path which is not entirely free from the encroaching bracken
About halfway up the climb now, the top of Oxford Crag can be seen beyond the end of the wall
The climb becomes steeper as the path becomes squeezed between the wall and rock outcrops
Leave the wall where it turns and begins to contour the slope
The summit knoll appears centre right over another stretch of bracken
The summit of Arnison Crag
Place Fell from the summit, the cairn in the foreground marks a better viewpoint for the Patterdale valley
Looking over Boredale Hause to Beda Fell and Wether Hill
The twin tops of Angletarn Pikes
Brock Crags across the valley, Rampsgill Head and High Street on the skyline
Hartsop village with the steep prow of Hartsop Dodd rising above it backed by Caudale Moor
Red Screes over the Hartsop-above-How ridge
Across Deepdale, Hartsop-above-How with Dove Crag, Hart Crag and Fairfield on the skyline
The east ridge of St. Sunday Crag
To the west Catstycam appears over Birkhouse Moor
Sheffield Pike and Glenridding Dodd
The head of Ullswater


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