Bannerdale Crags - Route One


Start - Mungrisdale NY 362 302 Distance - 2.2 miles Ascent - 1,500 feet Time - 1 hour : 35 minutes



The walk starts along the lane by the telephone box in Mungrisdale
At the end of the short lane a gate gives access to a rough track beside the River Glenderamackin
The view ahead is dominated by The Tongue with Bannerdale Crags on the left
To the right of The Tongue is the deeply enclosed valley of Bullfell Beck with the slopes of Bowscale Fell's east ridge on the right
Bannerdale Crags from the track beside the River Glenderamackin
The footbridge over Bullfell Beck
Over the footbridge the main track continues across the southern slopes of The Tongue above Bannerdale, a less obvious path bears off to the left into the Glenderamackin valley with the steep eastern slopes of Souther Fell on the left
Looking back to Raven Crags on the end of Bowscale Fell's east ridge
Initially the path traverses above a steep landslip where a little care is required but it soon improves as it climbs above the river
On rounding a corner Bannerdale Crag's east ridge comes into view
Unfortunately there is a long stretch of wet and boggy ground to negotiate as the path descends to cross Bannerdale Beck
Bannerdale Crags from Bannerdale Beck.  The main path continues on alongside the River Grenderamackin while the path onto the east ridge climbs the steep bank on the other side of the beck
Looking along Bannerdale Beck to the wide col between Bannerdale Crags and Bowscale Fell
The foot of Bannerdale Crags east ridge
Looking back along the lower part of the Glenderamackin valley from the foot of the east ridge
Starting the climb up the east ridge, the first objective is to reach the rock outcrop on the horizon
Looking across to Great Dodd appearing over Mousthwaite col
Looking down the lower Glenderamackin valley
On reaching the rock outcrop the view opens out to reveal the half mile approach to a grassy knoll below the steep rib at the end of the ridge
Hart Side, Great Dodd and Clough Head over Mousthwaite col from the rock outcrop on the east ridge
Looking across to Bowscale Fell
Looking back to Souther Fell from the grassy knoll on the east ridge
The far eastern fells of High Raise, Rampsgill Head, High Street, Thornthwaite Crag, Foswick , Ill Bell and Caudale Moor appear on the horizon over the slopes of Souther Fell and Mousthwaite col
The head of Bannerdale from the grassy knoll on the east ridge
The upper part of the east ridge
Looking down Bannerdale to Mungrisdale and the start of the walk
AW described this section  of the ridge as "a grand scramble in an impressive situation - a bit of real mountaineering" but it is perfectly straightforward.  A clear path avoids all difficulties although, higher up, it is preferable to keep near the edge for a dramatic view down into Bannerdale
Looking back to the grassy knoll from the start of the path up the steep rib
Looking across to the steep headwall of Bannerdale
Approaching the old mine workings, a walker can be seen on the skyline near the top of the ridge
Looking across Bannerdale to the summit of Bowscale Fell
Great Mell Fell appears over the summit ridge of Souther Fell
Bowscale Fell from the site of the old mine
The upper part of the east ridge from the site of the old mine
Looking down to the lower part of the east ridge from the site of the old mine
Looking left along the escarpment crags
Looking over to the right across the head of Bannerdale
Approaching the top of the east ridge, the summit of Bannerdale Crags is on the right
Looking down from the top of the east ridge
Hall's Fell Top and Foule Crag on Blencathra appear over the summit ridge of Bannerdale Crags
Bowscale Fell from the main cairn on Bannerdale Crags, the highest point lies to the west, about a hundred yards back from the escarpment
Looking north-west to Great Calva and Knott
Looking across the top of the east ridge towards Souther Fell
Looking south-east to Great Mell Fell
Looking due south to Clough Head, Great Dodd and Helvellyn
Blencathra from the cairn on the highest point of Bannerdale Crags




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