Bowscale Fell - Route One


Start - Bowscale NY 359 316 Distance - 2.5 miles Ascent - 1,550 feet Time - 1 hour : 45 minutes

Bowscale at the start of this walk
A rough lane past a row of cottages leads to a gated bridleway
The bridleway leads to Bowscale Tarn, which used to be a very popular tourist attraction with Victorian travellers who were carried up to it by pony 
Looking back along the bridleway track
The Caldew Valley from the bridleway
Looking back across to Mosedale
Approaching Drycomb Beck where the bridleway begins a gradual climb across the slopes of a northern spur of Bowscale Fell's East ridge
Looking back from the northern spur
Rounding the northern spur the bridleway now begins to climb across the large moraine below Tarn Crags
Carrock Fell from the path over the moraine
Bowscale Tarn
A path starts directly from the tarn's outlet to gain the north ridge
The path makes use of a wide grassy rake, almost 400ft high, which cuts through the steep rocky wall of the combe
Looking down to the tarn's outlet and the start of the path
Near the top of the grass rake the path passes through a band of rocks
Looking down to the tarn from near the top of the rake
On reaching the north ridge the view opens out over the northern fells, here Skiddaw and Great Calva feature prominently
To the north-west, the summit of Knott
Looking to High Pike
Looking south-east the summit ridge of Blencathra is in view
The way ahead, a 350ft climb over simple grass slopes to the summit of Bowscale Fell.  The path initially keeps near the edge of Tarn Crags with good views into the combe
Looking back across Tarn Crags to Carrock Fell
Looking down to the tarn from the edge of Tarn Crags
Looking back to High Pike from the north ridge
Looking over to the east ridge of Bowscale Fell
Carrock Fell from the north ridge
The north ridge eventually merges with the east ridge and the more popular path which starts from Mungrisdale
The final slope below the summit
Approaching the north cairn, this has been visible on the skyline throughout the climb up the north ridge
On reaching the north cairn the summit shelter comes into view
The east ridge of Bowscale Fell from the north cairn
The summit of Bowscale Fell
Skiddaw from the summit of Bowscale Fell
Great Calva
High Pike
Carrock Fell and the north cairn from the summit of Bowscale Fell
The Tongue, a subsidiary top of Bowscale Fell, in shadow on the left with Souther Fell in the middle distance
Bannerdale Crags
Blencathra from the summit of Bowscale Fell

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