Carrock Fell - Route One


Start - Stone Ends NY 353 337 Distance - 1.15 miles  Ascent - 1,400 feet Time - 1 hour : 10 minutes



Setting off from the site of the old Carrock End Mine.  The line of ascent, known as Rake Trod, can be seen rising leftwards below the crags
Looking towards Great Mell Fell from the start of the climb
Approaching the start of Rake Trod
On Rake Trod
Looking over to Berrier Hill from near the top of Rake Trod
At the end of the Trod the path levels off as it approaches the steep gully of Further Gill Sike
Looking back to the starting point from the top of Rake Trod
Looking up the gully of Further Gill Sike which is the steepest part of this ascent
Stone End Farm from the bottom of the gully
The Pennines on the horizon from halfway up the gully
Looking back from the top of the gully
Looking across the heather covered lower plateau of Carrock Fell from the top of the gully
The path continues on from the top of the gully and climbs steadily towards the summit ridge
Looking over to the east ridge of Bowscale Fell
Higher up, Blencathra appears over the summit of Bowscale Fell
Passing the sheepfold near the 1800ft contour that AW shows on the diagram of ascent
Approaching the east peak on the summit ridge
The summit from the east peak
Looking back on the route of ascent from the east peak
The Pennines from the east peak
The summit from the large tumulus on the ridge
The summit of Carrock Fell
The summit cairn from the south   Carrock Fell - page 10
The far eastern fells over the east ridge of Bowscale Fell
The Helvellyn group over Bowscale Fell's east summit
Blencathra over Bowscale Fell
Great Gable and Pillar appear over the notch of the Glenderaterra valley
Skiddaw and the Valley of the Caldew
Knott, the highest of the fells north of Skiddaw
The connecting ridge to High Pike
Looking back to the east peak and the distant Pennines




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