Caw Fell - Route One


Start - Netherbeck Bridge NY 160 064 Distance - 3.8 miles Ascent - 2,200 feet Time - 2 hours : 30minutes



Yewbarrow from the start of the walk near Netherbeck Bridge
We start directly from the bridge, following Nether Beck for a short distance, before joining the bridleway path which actually starts from the roadside  five hundred yards to the south-west of Netherbeck Bridge
Looking back to Illgill Head and Whin Rigg from the bridleway path which initially runs high above a deep, tree lined, ravine
The Scafells and Wastwater from the bridleway
Yewbarrow from the bridleway above Nether Beck
Above the ravine the bridleway passes a series of deep pools and waterfalls below Knott Ends
Yewbarrow above Knott Ends
After a long stretch of fairly level walking the path begins to climb more steeply to a col below the prominent top of Stool on Blackbeck Knotts
On gaining the col the view opens out over the middle reaches of the Nether Beck to Great Scoat Fell at the head of the valley with Great Lad Crag on the left
Looking back along the path below the steep slopes of Middle Fell
Great Lad Crag from the ford over Ladcrag Beck, almost time now to leave the bridleway and climb the slope towards the low point on the skyline
There is a path somewhere on the right amongst the bracken but it can be difficult to locate its start.  We elect to ascend close to the course of Ladcrag Beck, crossing and recrossing several times on the way to avoid the large rocks on the banks
Looking down to the lower part of the Nether Beck Valley from the slope above Ladcrag Beck
Haycock from the open grass slope above Great Lad Crag
Looking back as we traverse the slopes above Waver Beck, the top of Great Lad Crag can be seen in the centre of the photo
 Passing below the lowest rocks on Haycock's south ridge
We begin to traverse across the south western slopes of Haycock passing below Gowder Crag seen here on the right
Seatallan across Pots of Ashness
There is only a slight trace of a path which is marked by cairns among the boulder fields that become more evident after passing Gowder Crag
The cairn on the rock marks the foot of the grass rake which leads up to the south cairn on Haycock
Looking back across the boulder fields to Middle Fell and Seatallan
Crossing the last of the boulders as we join the easier grassy slopes above Brown Band rising out of Stockdale Head
Looking down Brown Band to Blengdale
Caw Fell from Brown Band
The wide col between Haycock and Caw Fell
This well maintained section of the Ennerdale Fence is a sure guide to the summit of Caw fell in poor visibility.  There is a path on either side of it but the summit cairn lies on the northern side so we took an early opportunity to cross it at a hurdle near the col.  There are a few more hurdles or stiles further along the ridge if this one is missed
Little Gowder Crag and the summit of Haycock from the col
Following the Ennerdale Fence towards the summit of Caw Fell, the summit cairn can be seen on the skyline to the right of the wall
Looking over to the long ridge of Iron Crag, the Ennerdale Fence wall can be seen continuing on over its top
Approaching the summit of Caw Fell
The summit cairn on Caw Fell
Seatallan from the summit of Caw Fell
Lank Rigg and Whoap from the summit of Caw Fell
Grike and Crag Fell over Iron Crag
Great Borne across Ennerdale
Red Pike, High Stile and High Crag across Ennerdale
Pillar and Scoat Fell
The connecting ridge over Little Gowder Crag to Haycock




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