Crag Fell - Route One


Start - Bleach Green NY 085 153 Distance - 2.25 miles Ascent - 1,550 feet Time 1 hour : 40 minutes



The Broadmoor Plantation car park at Bleach Green is the starting point for this walk
Directly opposite the car park is Bleach Green cottage and the road leading to Crag Farm. The usual, and easiest, way to climb Crag Fell is by a path through the woods above the farm
However, this route takes a slightly more adventurous path across the craggy northern slopes of the fell
A hand-gate at the back of the car park gives access to a track leading to the outflow of Ennerdale Water.  The first objective is to reach the col above Anglers' Crag seen here on the centre right
Great Borne and Bowness Knott across Ennerdale Water  from the outflow weir
A short distance on from the weir a hand-gate gives access to the path along the southern shore of Ennerdale Water
Looking across the lake towards Knock Murton and Blake Fell
Beyond the gate a path turns back beside the wall.  Eventually this meets the easier path that rises from Crag Farm
Continuing on the path along the south shore of Ennerdale Water
Looking back to the Broadmoor Plantation
The start of the rising path to the col is quite indistinct and is easily missed
Looking back from the lower part of the path to the col
From the same point looking across the lake to Great Borne and Bowness Knott
Approaching the Anglers' Crag col where the path becomes much steeper
Looking back to the foot of the lake from below the col
Looking across to Knock Murton
Looking across Anglers' Crag to Great Borne
The summit of Crag Fell and the Cragfell Pinnacles
The head of Ennerdale from the summit of Anglers' Crag
Great Borne and Bowness Knott from the summit of Anglers' Crag with Starling Dodd on the right
Looking south-east from the summit of Anglers' Crag.  Steeple, Scoat Fell and Haycock on the left with Iron Crag and Boathow Crag in the centre
The summit of Crag Fell and the Cragfell Pinnacles from Anglers' Crag
From the saddle beneath Anglers' Crag there are two options.  Either keep to an easy path that rises well below the pinncles or alternatively make a left turn on an indistinct path below the screes before veering right onto a natural rake which passes behind the pinnacles
Looking back to the head of Ennerdale from the path to the pinnacles.  Pillar, Black Crag and Steeple on the right with Starling Dodd, Red Pike, High Stile and High Crag on the left
Cragfell Pinnacles from the path below the screes
Looking down to the top of Anglers' Crag.  Note the two walkers on the col, they are ascending by the path that rises below the pinnacles
Cragfell Pinnacles from the start of the rake
The pinnacles from near the top of the rake
Looking back from the top of the rake
Looking over the pinnacles to Knock Murton and Blake Fell
The head of Ennerdale from the base of the eastern stack of Cragfell Pinnacles
The way ahead from the pinnacles traverses the slope below Revelin Crag to a level shoulder above a steep crag seen here on the right
Looking back to the Cragfell Pinnacles from the traverse path which is little more than a sheep trod
Ennerdale Water from the traverse path as it climbs above the final steep wall of crags
Beyond the last crags the traverse path joins the north-west ridge which carries the more popular path starting from Crag Farm
Looking down the north-west ridge, two walkers on the path from Crag Farm
Looking over to Lank Rigg from the north-west ridge path
The north-west ridge offers an easy climb to the summit.  On the upper slope it is best to move towards the escarpment edge for some fine views down to the Cragfell Pinnacles and Ennerdale Water
Looking down one of the gullies of Revelin Crag to Ennerdale Water
Looking across Revelin Crag to Ennerdale Water and Great Borne
The summit cairn comes into view across a shallow depression
The summit cairn on Crag Fell
Pillar, Steeple, Scoat Fell and Haycock from the summit of Crag Fell
Caw Fell on the left skyline with Hesk Fell, Yoadcastle, Whitfell, Stainton Pike and Black Combe on the horizon over the summit of Whoap
Looking south to Lank Rigg, a remote outlier of the western fells
The foot of Ennerdale Water with, from left, Knock Murton, Owsen Fell, Blake Fell and Carling Knott
Bowness Knott, Great Borne and Starling Dodd across Ennerdale Water
The head of Ennerdale from the summit of Crag Fell




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