Crinkle Crags - Route One


Start - ODG Hotel NY 285 060 Distance - 3.8 miles Ascent - 2,790 feet Time - 2 hours : 50 minutes



The National Trust car park at the Dungeon Ghyll Old Hotel
Crinkle Crags from the road to Stool End
Crinkle Crags from the Stool End Farm road
Great Knott from the road to Stool End
Great Knott from the farm road.  The route initially climbs to the col below its sunlit slopes in the centre of the photo
Stool End Farm
Stool End farmyard.  A rough track continues on through the gate towards Oxendale
Pike o' Stickle and Gimmer Crag from Stool End
Pike o' Stickle and Gimmer Crag from the track above the farm
The footbridge over Oxendale Beck
Half a mile past the farm a footbridge over Oxendale Beck gives access to a path which climbs the northern slopes of Pike o' Blisco to Brown Howe
Looking back to Great Langdale from Oxendale
Looking back to Great Langdale from the footbridge
Crinkle Crags from Oxendale
Crinkle Gill from the footbridge
Starting up the path towards Brown Howe
Looking back to Great Langdale from the path
Whorneyside Force at the head of Oxendale
The Langdale Pikes from Brown Howe
Looking back to the Langdale Pikes
Looking up from the col below Brown Howe.  The path continues on below the crags of Black Wars towards Red Tarn col
Great Knott
 Great Knott and the head of Browney Gill
From the same position, looking across the slopes of Great Knott to the summit ridge of Crinkle Crags
Looking back along the path.  The ravine of Browney Gill is on the left with the top of Brown Howe in the centre of the photo
Red Tarn
After a final sharp rise the path reaches the wide grassy col between Pike o' Blisco and Cold Pike near to Red Tarn
Great Knott, Crinkle Crags and Bowfell from the col
The way ahead from the col.  The path crosses the north eastern slopes of Cold Pike and continues on behind Great Knott
Red Tarn from the path which at the time of this walk was being repaired by a Fix the Fells team
Looking down to Browney Gill and the path below Black Wars
Crinkle Crags from the the path behind Great Knott.  The summit, named Long Top, is in the centre
Looking back from higher on the path.   The summit of Great Knott lies above the small tarn on the left
Approaching the foot of the first crinkle
Scafell from the start of the path over the first crinkle
Great Langdale
A clear path traverses the first crinkle near its right edge giving dramatic views of Great Langdale
The Third Crinkle
Looking across Great Cove to the top of third crinkle
Great Langdale from the First Crinkle
Great Langdale from the summit of the first crinkle
A steep descent leads to a grassy depression beneath the second crinkle from where there are two options.  Either make a direct ascent via The Bad Step, seen here in the centre of the photo or, more easily, traverse over to the left and ascend the eroded path which avoids all difficulties
The Bad Step
Approaching The Bad Step, a short but steep wall to the right of a gully which is blocked by two massive chockstones.  Wainwright described this as a difficult obstacle but the ascent is easier than it looks.  A walker can be seen above it gives an idea of its height
Looking right from The Bad Step to two walkers on the top of the third crinkle
Climbing The Bad Step.  This is the steepest section that leads to an easy ramp above the chockstones on the left
Eskdale from the top of The Bad Step
Looking out to Eskdale and Devoke Water from the top of The Bad Step
Above The Bad Step sloping rock ledges and a rough scree path lead to easier ground and the summit comes into view
The summit of Crinkle Crags
The summit cairn of Crinkle Crags on Long Top
Crinkle Crags - page 15
The ridge path continues on over the fourth and fifth crinkles
Looking over the top of the third crinkle to the Langdale Pikes
Windermere with Lingmoor Fell on the left and Pike o' Blisco in the centre
Black Sails on the left, Great Carrs and Swirl How in the centre with Coniston Old Man and Grey Friar on the right
The upper Duddon Valley
Eskdale from the summit of Crinkle Crags
The Scafells from the summit of Crinkle Crags
Scafell and Scafell Pike
 Looking north west to Ill Crag, Great End and Esk Pike
Bowfell from the summit of Crinkle Crags
Bowfell from Long Top



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