Great Dodd - Route One


Start - High Row NY 379 219 Distant - 3 miles Ascent - 1,520 feet Time - 1 hour : 55 minutes



High Row, a mile to the north west of Dockray, is the starting point for this walk.  Wainwright started from Dockray in his diagram of this ascent but the parking there is very limited.  This parking area on the minor road to Dowthwaitehead is popular with paragliders who launch themselves from the nearby Wolf Crags.  A gate gives access to The Old Coach Road and Matterdale Common
Starting out along the Old Coach Road which runs between St. John's in the Vale and Matterdale
Just beyond Cockley Moor plantation the old road fords Groove Beck where an obvious path turns off the road to follow the course of the beck
Looking back along the Old Coach Road from above the ford
The green dome of Great Dodd appears on the climb over Matterdale Common with the lighter coloured ridge of Randerside in front of it
Looking left across Whams Moss to Hart Side and Stybarrow Dodd
Great Dodd and Randerside above the headwaters of Groove Beck
The path encounters Bruts Moss an extensive area of wet land below Randerside
A power assisted paraglider.  Not sure if that's a contradiction in terms
The "glider" circled around the summit of Great Dodd before disappearing in the direction of Blencathra
Towards the end of Bruts Moss the view opens to Skiddaw and Blencathra.  On the left is the top of Wolf Crags, the launch point for the paragliders
Looking back from the lower slopes of Randerside
Looking east to Loadpot Hill on the horizon
Higher on the slopes of Randerside looking back along the route to Great and Little Mell Fell in the middle distance
The path avoids the actual summit of Randerside which lies a short distance to the left and is well worth a visit
Looking back from the summit of Randerside
The summit cairn on Randerside
Great Dodd - page 9
Great Dodd from Randerside
Looking south from Randerside over the head of Deepdale to Catstycam, Helvellyn and Raise
Blencathra from the summit of Randerside
Clouds sweep across Eel Crag and Grisedale Pike in the north western fells
Starting the final climb to Great Dodd
Looking back from the slopes of Great Dodd
Herdwick lambs and Skiddaw
Looking back to Randerside.  Shortly after passing this prominent cairn the path turns onto the north ridge and fades
The north western fells from the north ridge
The summit cairn on Great Dodd
Looking south to Helvellyn over Stybarrow Dodd and Raise with Catstycam in the centre
The connecting ridge to Watson's Dodd on the right
Looking south west to Scafell Pike
Looking to Pillar on the centre skyline
The north western fells
The Whinlatter fells
Blencathra over Clough Head
A large cairn, hollowed out to form a wind shelter, lies a hundred yards to the south east
The shelter cairn on the south top of Great Dodd
Great Mell Fell from the shelter cairn
Gowbarrow Fell from the shelter cairn
Greenside from the shelter cairn
Catstycam and Helvellyn over Stybarrow Dodd, Raise and Whiteside from the shelter cairn
A section of Thirlmere comes into view by walking a few yards to the west of the shelter cairn




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