Great Mell Fell - Route One


Start - Brownrigg Farm NY 407 247 Distance - 1 mile Ascent - 900 feet Time - 50 minutes



A rough surfaced lane located one mile north east from Matterdale End is the starting point of this walk.  There is limited parking beside the lane end
Ignore the first gate/stile beside the National Trust sign, it only gives access to a path which makes a circuit of the fell.  Continue on to a second gate/stile which is about 180 yards from the start of the lane
Over the stile the path climbs beside a fence beneath mixed deciduous woodland
Looking left from the path to St. Sunday Crag and Fairfield framed between the slopes of Gowbarrow Park and Watermillock Common
Looking back along the path to Little Mell Fell
Past the deciduous trees a path branches off to right climbing steeply towards the south east ridge of the fell
Looking back to a distant Helvellyn with Hart Side and Stybarrow Dodd on the right
The Pennines across the Eden Valley
Hart Crag, St. Sunday Crag and Fairfield
Looking across Matterdale Common to Hart Side, Stybarrow Dodd and Great Dodd
Clough Head
Halfway up the south east ridge the path approaches an old plantation of Scots Pine
Looking back to Little Mell Fell
Looking across to Helvellyn
There is a choice of paths through the Scots Pine, the most popular one passes through the western edge of the plantation
Looking back towards Place Fell and Red Screes in thedistance
The Far Eastern Fells across the Great Meldrum ridge
 Leaving the Scots Pines behind and looking back to Little Mell Fell and Little Meldrum backed by Arthur's Pike and Bonscale Pike
Approaching the summit
The summit of Great Mell Fell
Looking north west to Souther Fell, Bowscale Fell and Carrock Fell
The Pennines across the Eden Valley
Little Mell Fell and Arthur's Pike
On the skyline - Wether Hill, High Raise, Rampsgill Head, High Street and Thornthwaite Crag
Looking to Place Fell and Red Screes
The Fairfield group of fells on the left with Helvellyn on the right
Hart Side, Stybarrow Dodd and Great Dodd
Clough Head with the North Western Fells on the right


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