High Tove - Route One


Start - Armboth NY 305 171 Distance - 1.2 miles Ascent - 1,050 feet Time - 1 hour


Almost opposite the Armboth car park a signpost and handgate marks the start of the footpath to Watendlath
After crossing a little bridge spanning Middlesteads Gill and passing through a sheep pen the path climbs the open slope beneath Cockrigg Crags
Looking back to Thirlmere from the "big boulders" which AW noted on his diagram of this ascent
Higher up the path becomes constrained between the forestry fence and the steep slopes below Cockrigg Crags
The path then switches back away from the forest fence and climbs a series of zig-zags
Looking back to Thirlmere from the top of the first zig-zag
Looking across the forest to the top of Fisher Crag
The Helvellyn Dodds from the path below Cockrigg Crags
After the zig-zags the path resumes its course towards the ridge line passing above a prominent sycamore tree
Looking back towards Great Dodd and Watson's Dodd above Thirlmere
Approaching the wall gap at the top edge of the forest
Looking back from the top of the forest
The path continues on, less distinct now, by the side of Fisher Gill before crossing one of its tributaries
Looking back over the Fisher Gill tributary to Clough Head
From the same position looking to Helvellyn, Nethermost Pike and Dollywaggon Pike
A prominent rock marks the end of what up to now has been a reasonably dry path.  From here on it crosses very wet and boggy ground on the way to the summit
Looking back to the Helvellyn Dodds from the prominent rock
The rock tors of nearby Armboth Fell from the prominent rock
The top of Blencathra appears over the top of the ridge that leads to High Seat
The summit of High Tove comes into view
Sunlight illuminates the summit of Ullscarf to the south
Almost at the same height as Armboth Fell now
Approaching the summit of High Tove
Looking back along the route of ascent
White Side, Helvellyn and Nethermost Pike from the summit of High Tove
Clough Head, Great Dodd and Watson's Dodd from the summit of High Tove
Looking over Armboth Fell to Dollywaggon Pike, Fairfield, Seat Sandal and Heron Pike on the right skyline with Steel Fell on the right
The connecting ridge towards Ullscarf
Low cloud covering the higher fells beyond the sunlit slopes of Rosthwaite Fell and Glaramara
Cloud covered Pillar on the left with Dale Head and High Spy bathed in sunlight
The northwestern fells on the skyline
A walker sets off towards High Seat with the infamous bog of The Pewits between him and his objective - the best of luck!!!




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