Knott - Route One


Start - Mosedale NY 357 320 Distance - 5.4 miles Ascent - 1,685 feet Time - 2 hours : 50 minutes



The route starts from the small hamlet of Mosedale.  There is room to park a few cars to the south of the bridge over the River Caldew, a short walk from there leads onto a minor road which is signposted for Swineside
Bowscale Fell from Brantrigg Farm
The minor road along the Caldew Valley, there are also some parking places halfway along the valley and near Grainsgill Bridge where the road ends
Bowscale Fell from Swineside
Coomb Height from near Roundhouse
Coomb Height from near the end of the road as it climbs up towards Grainsgill Bridge
Looking along the River Caldew to Skiddaw Little Man and Lesser Man
Looking back along the Caldew Valley from near Grainsgill Bridge
Passing the old access road to Carrock Mine, the Lingy Hut on Great Lingy Fell can be seen on the skyline at the head of the valley of Grainsgill Beck
Grainsgill Bridge
Cross Grainsgill Bridge and continue along the rough track which is signposted for Skiddaw House
Looking back to Carrock Fell
The track forms part of  the Cumbria Way, a long distance path between Ulverston and Carlisle
Passing the ford over the River Caldew which is just under a third of a mile from Grainsgill Bridge
Looking across Long Gill to the summit of Bowscale Fell
Looking back to Carrock Fell
Mungisdale Common
After the track fords Wet Swine Gill, Skiddaw Little Man and Lesser Man come into view
Looking across to Atkinsons Pike on Blencathra
The summit of Skiddaw comes into view across the the lower slopes of Snab
At the point where the track approaches a ford across Burdell Gill, which is just over a mile from Grainsgill Bridge, it's time to leave it to begin the ascent of Knott ..........
.......... turn back sharply onto a shooters' path
The shooters' path climbs across the steep lower slopes of Cocklakes, the broad ridge between Burdell Gill and Wet Swine Gill
Looking back to the ford over Burdell Gill which can be seen on the lower right
The upper Caldew Valley
The climb up the lower slopes of Cocklakes is the steepest part of the whole ascent
Looking across to the the summit of Bowscale Fell
The upper part of the Caldew Valley from higher on the shooters' path
As the angle of the slope eases slightly the summit ridge of Coomb Height comes into view
Looking across towards Carrock Fell
The path begins to turn to the west to avoid Wet Swine Gill, higher up ignore a clearer path which crosses this one, it simply contours the slope between Wet Swine Gill and Burdell Gill
Crinkle Crags and Bowfell appear in the distance between the slopes of Mungrisdale Common and Lonscale Fell
Looking back to Blencathra and ..........
..........Bowscale Fell
The shooters' path begins to fade on the upper slopes of Cocklakes
Scafell Pike is now visible in the far distance alongside Esk Pike, Bowfell and Crinkle Crags
The summits of Skiddaw Little Man and Skiddaw over the adjacent ridge of Pike
Blencathra over Mungrisdale Common
Carrock Fell and the distant Pennines
Skiddaw above Great Calva
The summit of Knott comes into view on the left as the path approaches the ridgeline while...........
..........the summit of Coomb Height appears to the right
On reaching the ridgeline Great Lingy Fell and High Pike come into view
Approaching the summit of Coomb Height
The summit cairn on Coomb Height
The summit of Knott from Coomb Height
Carrock Fell from the summit of Coomb Height
Blencathra from the summit of Coomb Height
Lonscale Fell with Scafell Pike, Esk Pike, Bowfell and Crinkle Crag to the left of it
Skiddaw over Great Calva from the summit of Coomb Height
Continuing on along the ridge towards Knott the path descends to a shallow col before climbing again over the gentle slope of Rigg
Blencathra from the shallow col
High Pike from the col
Skiddaw above Great Calva from the slopes of Rigg
Looking back to Coomb Height from the path below Rigg
The summit of Knott above Rigg
The final slope leading up to the summit of Knott from Rigg
Skiddaw and the West Cumbria coast from Rigg
The Glenderaterra col
Looking back to Bowscale Fell from the climb to the summit of Knott
Approaching the summit of Knott
The summit cairn on Knott
A small section of Bassenthwaite Lake can be seen from the summit
Criffel across the Solway Firth from the summit of Knott
High Pike from the summit of Knott
Carrock Fell and the Pennines from the summit of Knott
Looking east back to Coomb Height from the summit of Knott
Bowscale Fell and Bannerdale Crags from the summit of Knott
Blencathra from the summit of Knott
Steel Fell, Ullscarf, High Raise, Swirl How, Dow Crag, Grey Friar, Crinkle Crags, Bowfell, Esk Pike, Great End, Scafell Pike, Scafell and Great Gable form the distant horizon from the summit of Knott 
Skiddaw from the summit of Knott




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