Long Side - Route One


Start - Dodd Wood NY 235 281 Distance - 1.75 miles Ascent - 2,065 feet Time - 1 hour : 45 minutes



The Dodd Wood / Mirehouse car park is the starting point for this walk
Dodd Wood has many miles of waymarked trails, details of which can be purchased from The Old Sawmill Tearoom
To the side of The Old Sawmill the route crosses a footbridge over Skill Beck and turns right to join a metalled forest road
Skill Beck from the footbridge
The forest road rises quite steeply through Longside Wood towards the col of Long Doors between Carl Side and Dodd
The western slopes of Carl Side come into view as the road approaches Long Doors col
On reaching a newly planted area of trees the southern slopes of Long Side come into view
Looking back along the forest road, the summit of Sale Fell is just visible between the trees
Higher on the road Gable Gill comes into view
Looking across to the crags of Long Doors and the summit of Dodd
Three quarters of a mile from the car park the route leaves the Long Doors road and makes an acute turn onto another forest road
The forest road makes a gradual descent across the slopes of Long Side giving a good view of the summit and the route of ascent via Gable Gill
Looking across to Dodd from the forest road
Ling Fell and Sale Fell above Bassenthwaite Lake from the forest road
The forest road is only followed for a hundred yards or so before embarking on the climb up Gable Gill.  A vague path leads up to a stile in the forestry fence which is almost hidden by the bracken during the summer months
Looking back along the forest road towards Long Doors col
Looking over towards Ling Fell.  The summit of Lord's Seat, the highest of the Whinlatter fells, is just visible on the left over Dodd Wood 
Looking up Gable Gill from the stile.  It is much steeper than the photograph suggests!
Looking over towards the Whinlatter fells of Barf, Lord's Seat and Broom Fell
Despite the provision of the stile there is little evidence that many walkers have used it.  The first few hundred feet of the climb are arduous, following the tiny steam which is almost hidden by bracken and large couches of sphagnum moss
Crinkle Crags, Bowfell and Esk Pike appear in the distance beyond the crags of Long Doors.  Gable Gill is very confined and views are restricted to the occasional glance back as height is gained
The Newlands Valley appears over Long Doors
Looking back to Dodd from about a third of the way up Gable Gill
The upper half of the gill is less confined as it opens out to bilberry and heather covered slopes.  However it becomes even steeper, this is a very much foreshortened view of it
Derwent Water and the Newlands Valley
Looking back from half way up the gill, the North Western fells appear over Dodd
The final slope leading up to the col between Long Side and Carl Side.  It is much easier to cross over to, and follow, one of the tongues of scree on the left to avoid this ankle-tugging heather in the upper part of the gill
The Whinatter fells across the steep slopes of Long Side
Derwent Water across the slopes of Carl Side
Dodd and the North Western fells from near the top of Gable Gill
The summit of Skiddaw comes into view over the Longside ~ Carl Side col
Binsey from the Longside ~ Carl Side col
The summit ridge of Skiddaw from the Longside ~ Carl Side col
The Newlands Valley from the Long Side ~ Carl Side col
From the col it is a simple climb of around 150 feet to reach the summit of Long Side
The summit of Long Side soon comes into view on reaching the top of the first rise
Looking back to Carl Side and Skiddaw Little Man
Skiddaw from the summit of Long Side
Southerndale and Binsey from the summit of Long Side
Ullock Pike from the summit of Long Side
The North Western fells from the summit of Long Side
Derwent Water from the summit of Long Side
The Helvellyn range from the summit of Long Side
Carl Side and Skiddaw Little Man from the summit of Long Side




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