Meal Fell - Route One


Start - Longlands NY 265 358 Distance - 2.3 miles Ascent - 1,220 feet Time - 1 hour : 30 minutes



The start of the walk at Longlands, a gate gives access to the old road to Green Head
The old  road crosses the northern slopes of Longlands Fell and is the most popular way of starting a round of the Uldale Fells
Our route though turns right from the gate onto a path beside Longlands Beck
The path alongside Longlands Beck
Looking back to Longlands
The path runs beneath the western slopes of Longlands Fell and Lowthwaite Fell
Great Cockup from the path below Lowthwaite Fell
Sunlight illuminates the summit of Meal Fell and the narrow pass of Trusmadoor
Looking over to Binsey
Continuing on, the path climbs slightly before descending to cross the River Ellen which at this point is no more than a narrow stream
Looking left to Little Sca Fell and Great Sca Fell at the head of the River Ellen
On crossing the River Ellen the path winds its way around some large moraines
Looking back to the path alongside Lowthwaite Fell
Looking over the the course of the River Ellen towards Binsey
Climbing towards Trusmadoor
Binsey and the Solway coast from the path to Trusmadoor
Approaching Trusmadoor
Lowthwaite Fell from the path below Trusmadoor
Looking north-west to the Solway Firth from Trusmadoor
A steep path climbs directly from Trusmadoor to the summit of Meal Fell, but it is much easier to continue through the pass and follow a broad grass path rising across the southern flank of the fell
Looking back to Trusmadoor from the start of the path along the southern flank of Meal Fell
Looking down on Burntod Gill from the path
Looking back towards Great Cockup
The path climbs high above Frozen Fell Gill
Looking across the slopes of Burn Tod to Broad End and Cockup
The path across the southern flank is only followed for a few hundred yards as it by-passes the summit of Meal Fell bound for Great Sca Fell
A faint path turns off it when the summit of Meal Fell comes into view
Looking back to Skiddaw
Approaching the summit of Meal Fell
The summit wind shelter on Meal Fell
Great Cockup from the summit of Meal Fell
Binsey from the summit of Meal Fell
Brae Fell from the summit of Meal Fell, the cairned east top on the right appears to be slightly higher than the official summit
Little Sca Fell and Great Sca Fell
Frozen Fell and the extensive summit plateau of Knott the highest of the Caldbeck Fells
Skiddaw from the summit of Meal Fell
The summit of Meal Fell from the east top




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