Pillar - Route One


Start - Wasdale Head NY 186 085 Distance - 4 miles Ascent - 3,400 feet Time - 3 hours : 15 minutes

Pillar from the car park at Wasdale Head.  Today I had arranged to meet up with a couple of  members of the UK Walking Forum, Helen and Kev, who were walking part of the Mosedale Horseshoe.  I accompanied them as they climbed Pillar by the High Level Route
To the side of the hotel a lane leads behind Row Head towards the open fellside, passing the picturesque old packhorse bridge over Mosedale Beck
The steep southern ridge of Kirk Fell dominates the view ahead as the lane rises to a gate
Looking back to Wasdale Head from the top of the lane
The path towards Black Sail Pass
The path continues on towards a gate in the intake wall and into Mosedale
Looking back from the Mosedale path.  Hidden in the trees on the right is the fine waterfall of Ritson's Force
Looking from further along the Mosedale path to Scafell towering above Lingmell
Pillar from the start of the climb towards Black Sail Pass
Approaching the point where the path crosses Gatherstone Beck
Looking back from Gatherstone Beck to Stirrup Crag on Yewbarrow
Red Pike from Gatherstone Beck
Blackem Head flanked by Red Pike and Black Crag
Leaving the main path which climbs towards Black Sail Pass, seen here on the extreme right, for the "short cut" path  to the ridge line
High on the path looking down to Mosedale.  The path to Black Sail Pass can be seen following Gatherstone Beck
Cloud sweeping across Gable Crag at the head of Ennerdale heralds a gradual change in the weather
Approaching the ridge line below Looking Stead
Looking across the steep slopes of Kirk Fell to Burnmoor Tarn
Near the start of the High Level Route which leaves the main path to traverse across the northern coves of Pillar
Looking across the slopes of Looking Stead to the north western fells
High Stile and High Crag across Ennerdale
Herdwicks above Mosedale and clouds sweeping across Scafell
The High Level Route starts with a descent into Green Cove
Looking to the first objective, Proud Knott on the right across Green Cove
Looking back from the start of the High Level Route over Looking Stead to a distant Clough Head and Helvellyn Dodds
On the Green Cove traverse.  The High Level Route was developed by rock climbers as an easy way to reach Pillar Rock from Wasdale Head
Traversing the steep scree slope on the west side of Green Cove 
Approaching Proud Knott
Helen on the Proud Knott col
Looking down to the Black Sail Youth Hostel in Ennerdale from Proud Knott
Looking across Hind Cove to the next objective, Robinson's Cairn, seen here on centre right skyline
On the climb out of Hind Cove to Robinson's Cairn
Looking up to the crags above Hind Cove
Robinson's Cairn, a memorial to the pioneering rock climber and founding member of the Fell and Rock Climbing Club, John Wilson Robinson
Time for a break by Robinson's Cairn.  Kev is studying the progress of some rock climbers on Shamrock
Looking back across Hind Cove from Robinson's Cairn to Green Gable, Great Gable and Kirk Fell at the head of Ennerdale
The next objective is the Shamrock Traverse seen here rising left to right across Shamrock Crag.  From this angle the crag appears to part of High Man on Pillar Rock but is in fact separated from it by the deep chasm of Walker's Gully.  Hence its name - the sham rock.  Above Shamrock is Pisgah, separated fom High Man by the narrow cleft of Jordan Gap, the summit of Low Man is on the right.  The height of the Rock is over 500 feet.
Looking over Seat and Haystacks to Robinson, Hindscarth and Dale Head
Looking across Pillar Cove to Great Borne
Setting out towards Shamrock
Descending the bouldery hollow and heading for the low rock ridge beyond it
Ascending the rock ridge below Shamrock
Climbing up Great Doup towards the start of  the Shamrock Traverse
Halfway along the traverse, about to cross the tilted slabs
Looking down the lower part of the traverse from the slabs
At the top of the traverse looking across Walker's Gully.  Pisgah on the left, isolated from High Man by the Jordan Gap, the summit of Low Man is on the extreme right.  The clean looking slab in the centre is the "slab" of Slab and Notch, a difficult scrambling route to the top of High Man
The final climb to the summit starts from the narrow ridge that connects Pisgah to the northern slopes of the fell 
 Pisgah and High Man from the narrow ridge.  West Gully on the left and Walker's Gully on the right.  The "notch" of  the Slab and Notch route now visible centre right
Looking back to Pillar Rock from the start of the climb to the summit
Looking left to the summit ridge above Great Doup.  Note the walker standing by the pinnacle right of centre
Looking down to Pillar Rock from the mid point of the climb
Almost at the top the path meets a band of broken crags
The crags can be bypassed on the right or climbed directly by a steep shallow gully
Ennerdale Water from the top of the crag.  Right on cue the threatening clouds enveloped the summit
Looking down on Pillar Rock from the top of the crag
Helen and Kev continue on towards Wind Gap bound for Scoat Fell and Red Pike.  Thanks for your great company
The cloud lifted a little to allow a view to the west, revealing Scoat Fell  and Steeple overtopped by Haycock and Caw Fell
Ennerdale Water

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