Rosthwaite Fell - Route One


Start - Stonethwaite NY 262 137 Distance - 1.75 miles Ascent - 1,600 feet Time - 1 hour : 30 minutes

Stonethwaite at the start of the walk.  There are a only a few spaces to park beside the telephone box but there is ample parking to be found on the approach lane to the hamlet  
The route heads through the hamlet, past the Langstrath Hotel.  A rough lane continues on towards the Stonethwaite Farm Campsite
The lane leading to Stonethwaite Farm Campsite
Looking back to Stonethwaite from the lane
Stonethwaite Farm Campsite
Directly opposite the entrance to the campsite a gate gives access to a path which climbs through the woods towards Big Stanger Gill 
The lower waterfall in Big Stanger Gill
Looking back from the top of the waterfall
Above the waterfall the path has been stone-pitched along the steeper sections of the climb
Looking back to Stonethwaite Farm Campsite
Looking across to Coldbarrow Fell on Ullscarf
Looking back to Stonethwaite and Borrowdale
After climbing 350ft the path reaches a clearing where the deep ravine of Big Stanger Gill comes into view
Hanging Haystack on the other side of the ravine
Looking across to High Crag
The stone pitching resumes as the path begins to climb above the ravine
Looking back to Borrowdale
Higher in the gill the path keeps close to the base of Bull Crag, seen here on the top left
Looking down into the ravine from the path below Bull Crag
Looking back from Bull Crag
Approaching the head of the ravine
Looking back across Hanging Haystack to Borrowdale
At the head of the ravine the path continues to follow Big Stanger Gill as it turns to the west
Looking back from the head of the ravine
The path crosses the gill below a small waterfall .........
...... and continues along the north side of the gill
Looking down on the crossing point
A Eurofighter Typhoon turns to fly along Langstrath
Bessyboot, the summit of Rosthwaite Fell comes into view as the path continues along the north side of the gill
Looking across to the rugged tops of Racom Bands which lie to the east of the summit
Looking back to the Helvellyn Dodds on the distant horizon
Approaching the col on the summit ridge between Bessyboot on the left and High Knott on the right
On reaching the col the view opens out towards Fleetwith Pike in the centre with Grey Knotts on the left and Dale Head on the right
The path skirts around a marsh which is the source of Big Stanger Gill and climbs the slope beyond it to the right of Bessyboot.  The distinctive rocky peak of Rosthwaite Cam appears in the centre of the photo
Looking back to Clough Head and the Helvellyn Dodds on the horizon
The top of Bessyboot can be reached by a pathless ascent of its steep north-western slope, seen here on the left beyond the wall of crags .......
....... but it's much easier to continue on a faint path below its western slopes until .......
..... Tarn at Leaves comes into view.  A marker cairn at this point indicates the start of a clear path which climbs the south-west slope of Bessyboot
The south west approach to Bessyboot
High Raise and Pike o' Stickle over Tarn at Leaves
The summit cairn on Bessyboot, looking towards Rosthwaite Cam and Glaramara
Grey Knotts, Fleetwith Pike and Dale Head from the summit of Bessyboot
To the north-west, Dale Head, Hindscarth, Eel Crag, Sail, High Spy, and Maiden Moor
Skiddaw from the summit of Bessyboot
To the north-east, Clough Head, Great Dodd, Stybarrow Dodd, Raise, White Side, Helvellyn and Nethermost Pike form the horizon
Looking over Racom Bands to Eagle Crag and Sergeant's Crag with Ullscarf on the left skyline
High Raise, Thunacar Knott and Pike o' Stickle from the summit of Bessyboot
Tarn at Leaves from the summit of Bessyboot

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