Troutbeck Tongue - Route One


Start - Troutbeck NY 413 034 Distance - 2.25 miles Ascent - 825 feet Time - 1 hour : 05 minutes



The Queen's Head Hotel on the A592 Kirkstone Pass road is the starting point for this walk.  There is layby parking to the north of the hotel and also  some to the south above Church Bridge.  Walk down the narrow road opposite the hotel, passing the hamlet of Town Head, to join Ings Lane
If starting from Church Bridge, a fingerpost sign a few hundred yards to the north, indicates the start of a bridleway which leads down to Ings Lane
The bridleway leading to Ings Lane
The start of Ings Lane, which is a private road but is also a public footpath
Troutbeck Tongue from the start of Ings Lane
After just over a mile the lane leads to Troutbeck Park Farm which was once owned by Beatrix Potter
Troutbeck Tongue from the approach along Ings Lane
Ings Bridge over Trout Beck
Troutbeck Tongue from near Hagg Bridge
Past Hagg Bridge a stile over a single strand electric fence gives access to a path rising diagonally across a field
Looking across to Troutbeck Park Farm from the field path
The south ridge of Troutbeck Tongue from the field path
Exit the field by a gate onto a cart track
Looking back along the Troutbeck Valley from the gate
The cart track leads on towards Hagg Gill
Looking back along the cart track to the summit of Dodd Hill on Wansfell
The cart track is only followed for a short distance.  Beyond the first gate a faint path leads up the steep flank of Troutbeck Tongue
The path soon improves as it rises alongside the fence to join the rocky spine of the south ridge
Looking across over Woundale Raise to Snarker Pike on Red Screes from the south ridge
The steeper upper part of the ridge from a stile over the cross ridge fence
Looking down the lower part of the south ridge
Dodd Hill from the south ridge
Looking back along the Troutbeck Valley to Windermere
Looking down to Troutbeck Park Farm from the south ridge
Froswick and Ill Bell as the path veers to the right to avoid the upper tier of crags
The summit comes into view across a shallow depression
The summit of Troutbeck Tongue
Froswick and Ill Bell from the summit of Troutbeck Tongue
Sallows and Sour Howes from the summit of Troutbeck Tongue
Windermere from the summit of Troutbeck Tongue
Dodd Hill and Baystones on Wansfell
To the west Crinkle Crags and Bowfell appear on the horizon
Red Screes over the ridges of Great Knott and Broad End
Caudale Moor
Threshthwaite Mouth flanked by Threshthwaite Crag and Thornthwaite Crag


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